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  • Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Here are My Top 10 Needs. What are yours?

    Hello, this is our first blog. We've read many, many blogs but never had one of our own. We don't know exactly how to start here but we thought we'd start by telling you one thing about Ruthie, the owner of DoodileeBoop. She is an avid Googler. She Googles phone numbers, names, recipes, maps, websites, etc. You name it, she's probably Googled it! Sometimes when her grandson is over and he's bored they'll just Google one word, whatever word pops into their heads. They take turns coming up with the word. You'd be surprised what you'll get by doing this. A little bit ago while Googling and we ran across a blog that had this cute little game to play. So, we thought we'd "break the ice" on our blog with the game.

    Here's how you play the game. You Google your first name + needs. We put in "Ruthie + needs" into the Google search line and a few of the results were right on with her needs! lol Here are our top 10 results:

    1. Ruthie needs money!!!
    2. Ruthie needs your help. Yep it's school fundraising time.
    3. Ruthie needs prayers.
    4. Ruthie needs to mature a bit and lose the chip on her shoulder. (Referring to Ruthie on 7th Heaven)
    5. Ruthie needs a private flight to get her to the National Jewish Hospital.
    6. Ruthie needs our prayers.
    7. Dr. Ruthie needs a man.
    8. Ruthie needs supervision.
    9. Ruthie needs sleep.
    10. Ruthie needs a drink.

    That was fun, wasn't it? What did you come up with? We just made a new twist on the game. We thought, hmmm, what else could we try this way? Then we thought what goes with "Needs"? And instantly we thought - "Wants". We know what we need but what we want is a whole different thing. We decided to Google "Ruthie + wants". That search had even funnier results. Here they are:

    1. Ruthie wants to be with Martin.
    2. Ruthie wants a sister but she comes to appreciate her 6 brothers. (This is too funny - I would love a sister, I have 3 brothers. But it's a little late in life to even hope for a sister now!)
    3. Whatever Ruthie wants, Ruthie gets. (If only that were true!)
    4. Ruthie wants to be Superman.
    5. Ruthie wants to play with fire engines.
    6. Ruthie wants to be the new poster girl for hate & intolerance.
    7. Ruthie wants to continue serving her community as County Commissioner for District 4, Seat A.
    8. If Ruthie wants to read about law she reads The Times.
    9. Ruthie wants to hang with the guys, because "girls are too petty."
    10. Ruthie wants a life and lots of sex. (This one is hilarious - I think it's referring to Dr. Ruth)

    How did your search go? Were your "Wants" funnier than your "Needs"? We think that has sufficiently "broken the ice" for the DoodileeBoop blog.

    Okay, now it's time to explain about DoodileeBoop. DoodileeBoop is the name of our new home-based business. We sell all kinds of kits (card making, mini albums, word books, etc.), scrapbook layouts, unique projects and some scrapbooking products.

    We enjoy doing crafty things and we make a lot of cards. We teach beginning scrapbooking and we design and make kits and teach how to make handmade cards, scrapbook layout pages, mini albums, specialty items and a whole lot of other creative projects. We decided to do a blog on some of the things we've designed and share our ideas and techniques.

    We've got a lot of ideas going through our heads right now. We're thinking maybe it would be fun to have a weekly or monthly technique and a contest using that technique. (Of course, if it's a contest there will be a prize too!)

    We're thinking about doing a “my opinion type” review of products and maybe even doing a project using that product (if it's a product that we own). This is all new to us right now but as it goes along we're sure it will get easier and things will sort of fall into place. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a craft-tastic day!